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In order to popularize slam in Chad and develop public speaking, the fifth edition of the slam festival entitled “Festival Internationale N’Djam s’enflamme en Slam” was held from 05 November 2019 to 11 November 2019 in N’Djamena and Moundou in Chad Slam brings together artists who have a vocation for social change in their environment. Teaching young people to slap or push them into slavery is part of the desire to bring them into a movement, and give them the tools to express themselves and develop their identity. Through slam, the citizenship aspect could be discussed at different levels and across several themes.

To this end, for this edition we have developed slam and poetry in our high schools and colleges by organizing the Competition of Slam and Poetry in High Schools and Colleges for the International Festival N’djam se enflamme en slam (FINES) 5th Edition on November 09, 2019 at the Maison de Quartier de Chagoua (N’Djamena). As a prelude to this competition, we organized a slam writing workshop to accompany the slammer candidates of the Lycées et Collèges on 07 November 2019 at the level of the Lycée Académie Royale from 16h00 to 18h00 with the Congolese slammer Mariusca as coach.

The winners of the Competition are:

Slam category

    • 1st Prize: Djérassembe Messenger from the Lycée Collège Sainte Etienne
    • 2nd Prize: Bayang Haiwe David from Don Bosco High School;
    • 3rd Prize: Danzoumbé Exaucé from the Lycée Sacre Cœur ;

Category Poetry

    • Gali Terreï Marthe of the Lycée Collège Sainte Etienne

Here are two poems by Gali Terreï Marthe, a 1st letter student of Lycée Collège Saint-Étienne N’Djamena:

My sister Bintou

Bintou! It is the happiness of the children that God has given meS’
exclaims his fatherShe
is the only daughter!
Thus, the tradition and culture of her society makes her a treasure for her familyAnd a workforce in the
household she will be forced to foundBintou

The sigh of equality did not know your companyBintou

Schooling a girl is a loss for your Bintou family

The wind of parity didn’t change anything when he came to youBintou

At home a girl is cleaning, adorned at the age of 14 to be a motherAnd
satisfy the pleasure of a man who came from far away, strong and powerfulNever
will you meet the path to school or educationBecause
your destiny is under the weight of traditionYour
education is between your father’s courtAnd that
of another who is like your father but this time your husbandBintou

They will say that it is taboo that you imprint the road to Bintou School
! They say it is abominable that you walk with the boys and worse that you sit beside them in Bintou Classroom

They say that you will lose morals and meet prostitutionAnd the
ideal would be to be kept away from school, which, as they say, will turn our daughters awayBintou

It is innocence under the blows of ignorance and barbarism!
My time is running out and I see our world further away from us;
I lift my pen to say:
My sister is a doctor!

A teacher! A teacher! A lawyer! A lawyer!
My sister is an educator!
My sister is a technician!
Worker! Worker!
My sister Bintou…… Is a poet!

The Adoption

Look at the world moving and the peril continues on my futureI
spent my morning on the way to the fountainAnd
they watch over their children’s breakfastRegard
the world moves and the peril continues on my futureI
fill every day the housewife’s basket at the marketWhen
they enjoy recreationRegard
the world moves and the danger

continues on my futureI
spent my time in the kitchenwhile
they discuss a chapter on civicsWatch
the world moves and the peril continues on my futureI
turned the ball in a pot N°8While
they come home from schoolWatch


world moves and the peril continues on my futureI
did the ritual dish washing in the afternoon-


their children will do the nap ritualWatch

world moves and the peril continues on my futureI
pounded the millet couscous in the evening for dinnerWhile
they will be in front of the TV and with their notebooks for revisionWatch


night falls and so onMy
life is under the grip of sufferingAnd


success of

life is under


grip of sufferingAnd


success of othersMything
has been done to me a cleaning girl and a machine to do
everythingMyself different from the others?
Is it because I come from another mother?
A daughter of others! A villager, a life of an anomaly?
Foster care?
No! These kids are all like me!
I need to be educated!
To be helped!
I have to be clean!
Prepare my future!
Talk about my desiresHaving
my feelings and get there like everyone else!
Oh, may this night be great for me and
allow me to
live a new day in my nation

from the