Live Blog: Africa Cup of Slam Poetry

The Africa Cup of Slam Poetry takes place in Chad from 5 to 10 November 2018. Voice4thought participates in the festival in N’djamena. On this page we post reports, results, photos and video from the competitions, concerts, workshops and other events.

Africa Cup of Slam Poetry featured on BBC News Amharic

On Thursday November 22, BBC Amharic, one of three BBC services aimed at Ethiopia, posted a news item about the Africa Cup of Slam Poetry (ACSP) on their Facebook page. The video features Ethiopia’s candidate Tsion Fissela Terefe and the national ambassador Biniam Getaneh, both of whom performed poetry in Amharic, as well […]

Panel discussion on radicalisation @ Wenak Labs

7 november – Panel discussion on radicalisation @ Wenak Labs: In addition to the slam competition, the ACSP (African Cup of Slam Poetry) organised numerous workshops and panel discussions with the help of its invitees. On the morning of 7th of November, one such panel discussions took place at Wenak […]

ACSP 2018 – the candidates (CASP)

Participants from twenty African countries participated in the first edition of the Africa Cup of Slam Poetry. These photos were taken during the first competition round on Thursday at the Maison de la Culture Baba Moustapha in N’djamena (Chad), during which the jury chose 16 contestants were chosen to battle […]

Leaving the ordinary to write good slam poetry

Before the Africa Cup of Slam Poetry (ACSP) was officially opened, and before all the participating candidates had arrived, the Cameroonian slammer Lydol gave a workshop From the idea to the stage about the basics of slam poetry. On 6 November about 20 people gathered in the cultural center Baba Moustapha. […]

Etre ensemble, partager, pas de différence – Mirjam de Bruijn

Discours d’ouverture CASP par Mirjam de Bruijn pendant la cérémonie d’ouverture au Radisson Blu Hotel N’Djamena Je suis ravi d’être ici et d’avoir la chance de dire quelques mots, et susciter des réflexions pour le lancement de ce grand événement; la coupe d’Afrique de Slam Poetry (CASP). Un évènement et mouvement […]

Atelier CASP: la logistique des évènements culturels

Dans le cadre de la première édition de la Coupe d’Afrique de Slam et Poésie à N’Djamena au Tchad qui se déroule du au 05 au 10 Novembre 2018, plusieurs panels de discussion et ateliers ont étés ouvert pour l’occasion. Nous avons pris part à l’atelier le 8 novembre, portant […]

Kenya – Coupe d’Afrique de Slam Poésie, CASP 2018 (Africa Cup of Slam Poetry)

Ambassadeur du Kenya et son vainqueur nous donnent leur impression sur la Coupe d’Afrique de Slam Poésie prévue au Tchad en Novembre 2018, l’un des plus grand événement slam poésie du monde jamais organisé. Ambassador of Kenya and his country’s representative give their impression about the Africa Cup of Slam […]