Exhibition ‘In Movement’, part of Kunstroute Leiden
Saturday, 24th and Sunday, 25th

The exhibition “In Movement” is inspired by the theme of the festival “People in Motion”. Several artists working with video, sound, photography and paintings explore the concept of motion in various ways. Each artist makes their own visual translation of their experiences of movement. The exhibition is part of the Kunstroute Leiden and will be opened by Kitty Zijlmans (art historian Leiden University).

Movement can be understood by two general definitions. Movement as a physical experience refers to the act of movement, a shift of the body (whole or parts) from one position to another. Movement is highlighted and expressed through dance, sport and through physical theatre. The other ‘kind’ of movement refers to ‘a movement’, a group of individuals with shared social, political or artistic ideas; a term commonly used in fine arts and music. The crossing point of these two definitions is to be explored within this exhibition. It will look at the idea that movement can either be self generated or forced by external causes and how these two experiences of movement relate to one another.

Artist and curator Zoe Reddy works primarily with performance and media art in her curatorial projects. In her artistic practise she creates video and installation works exploring themes of identity and status. Born in 1980 in Kinshasa, Sapin is a self-taught Congolese popular painter. In his work he often depicts and comments upon the Kinois social and political lifeworlds. Producer, composer and multi instrumentalist Juriaan van Otterloo aka Sciant Lentement is the creator of the ‘City life’ video series. He has created a new work for V4T combining his own original composition with his video collage work. Photographer and designer Rome Schmidt places people at the thematic centre of his photographs. His work is a visual examination of how the individual relates to the environment in which he lives. Jomard is an artist originally from Syria who, after a period of having lived in Lebanon selling his works, could not return to Syria because of the war. In the Netherlands he has continued with his paintings, some of which can be seen during Voice4Thought. Cindy van der Aa makes oil paintings in which she depicts the various lines within a landscape. For this exhibition she has created two works inspired by her trip to Chad earlier this year. In addition to these works, video pamphlets will be presented, the Voices of Voice4Thought. These videos represent a combination of strong personal stories with digital communications and political events. They are realised by Sjoerd Sijsma (Eyeses).

Scheltema, 12.00 –01.00
ree entrance

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