Read more on the strikes in Mirjam’s de Bruijn blog in Counter Voices in Africa and the blogpost by Vera Bakker

Read the blog written last December by an Anglophone Cameroonian barrister who took part in the first strike actions


On the Internet shutdown

Northwest And Southwest Businesses Have Lost $723,000.00 in Fifteen Days of Internet Shut Down / Hans Ngala

La coupure Internet au Cameroun coûte très cher ! / Julie Owono

Cameroon shuts down internet in English-speaking areas / Al Jazeera


On the anglophone problem

The Anglophone Problem in Cameroon / Piet Konings, Francis B. Nyamnioh

The Anglophone Problem – When Facts don’t Lie / Ekinneh Agbaw-Ebai

Cameroon: The Anglophone Problem is real, very important and urgent – says opposition leader / Chief A.S. Ngwana

IUAES’ Statement on Cameroon

>> See also the African Studies Centre Leiden literature list on the Anglophone crisis and Internet shutdown in Cameroon.