Rencontres V4T@Dakar

The Rencontres V4T@Dakar took place from 15 to 18 November 2017 in Guédiwaye HipHop, IFAN and Centre Senghor in Dakar, Senegal.

Under the banner of ‘Deciphering Radicalisation in West and Central Africa’, the events provided a platform for discussion, learning and exchange on the themes of radicalisation and socio-political change. The stories below provide an insight into the rich content and discussion that was produced and disseminated throughout the three days of V4T@Dakar.

Partners: Guédiawaye HipHop, Africulturban, the Dutch Embassy in Senegal, IFAN, LARTES and Voice4Thought.

Kick-off V4T@Dakar

On Thursday November 16, 2017, V4T@Dakar kicked off at Guédiawaye HipHop. A word of welcome by Malal Talla […]

MTD – Dans mon quartier

Ce texte est un extrait des ateliers de slam par MTD (Mohamed Teigne Diouf), l’un des participants. Dans […]

V4T@Dakar – original proposal

This is the original proposal for the Rencontres V4T@Dakar. Voice4Thought @ Dakar, 15-18 November 2017 ‘Deciphering Radicalisation in […]

V4T@Dakar in the news

Le Soleil Online, 18 November 2017 Festival « Voice 4 Thought » : L’art de combattre la radicalisation […]