Africa Cup of Slam Poetry featured on BBC News Amharic

On Thursday November 22, BBC Amharic, one of three BBC services aimed at Ethiopia, posted a news item about the Africa Cup of Slam Poetry (ACSP) on their Facebook page. The video features Ethiopia’s candidate Tsion Fissela Terefe and the national ambassador Biniam Getaneh, both of whom performed poetry in Amharic, as well […]

Global Voices and Digital Communication: an interview with Mirjam de Bruijn (V4T)

Professor in contemporary history and anthropology in Africa, Mirjam de Bruijn, explores the use academia can make of the digital environment. She works in her teaching and research programmes to an academia that contributes to social change in innovative ways. LeidenGlobal interviewed Mirjam on her current projects. As an anthropologist […]

Cameroon: A country united by ethnic ambition and difference (1999)

An article written by Francis B Nyamnjoh (currently Professor of Anthropology at the University of Cape Town) and published in 1999 in African Affairs (Oxford University Press / Royal African Society) has proven relevant twenty years later, in light of recent political developments in the country. Below is the abstract, […]

Anger in Leiden / Woede in Leiden

Voice4Thought presents: Anger in Leiden, 18 and 19 October 2018 (Dutch version below) Voice4Thought is back in Leiden for its annual event. On Thursday 18 and Friday 19 October, Voice4Thought organises, in collaboration with BplusC, ‘Anger in Leiden’ – a two-day event with arts, citizenship, activism and science. During this […]

La culture et la connaissance comme armes contre la radicalisation au Sahel

Policy brief suite à la rencontre v4T@Dakar, 15-18 novembre 2017 (Click here to read the English version) Résumé La tendance de plus en plus fréquente de radicalisation des jeunes du Sahel, conduisant souvent à la violence, est au centre des préoccupations stratégiques. Les mesures prises pour juguler cette radicalisation ont […]

Culture and knowledge: Arms against radicalization in the Sahel

Policy brief following the ‘Rencontre V4T@Dakar, 15-18 October 2017 (cliquez ici pour la version française) Summary The increasing tendencies to youth radicalization in the Sahel that often lead to violence are central to policy concerns. The measures taken to tackle this radicalization have been largely one-dimensional and adopt a military […]

Demobilisation or Remobilisation? Youth in the Central African Republic

By Jonna Both (anthropologist) Nineteen-year-old Josué told us that recently a taxi came to the quarter of town where he lives. Inside was his former Anti-Balaka leader who asked him to follow him to the neighbourhood he used to live in. Josué found many of his former Anti-Balaka comrades had […]

Cameroun: le slam au Salon International du livre

C’était du 8 au 12 mai 2018 pour une des rares fois le Ministères des Arts et de la Culture du Cameroun invitait le Slam Camerounais Grand Slam National Cameroun et 237Paroles au programme officiel du Salon International du livre. D’ailleurs notre stand était parmi les plus couru du salon […]

Voice4Thought & Bridging Humanities at opening Humanity Hub in the Hague

V4T and Bridging Humanities organised a workshop “Connecting science, art, and audiences: towards new innovations in knowledge production” on 15 March 2018 during the opening of the Humanity Hub in the Hague, a community of innovators in peace, justice and humanitarian action. In the workshop Sjoerd Sijsma and Kim de Vries […]

Launch of new open access journal Bridging Humanities

Brill Publishers, Voice4Thought, LeidenASA and The African Studies Centre Leiden are pleased to invite you to the meeting ‘Decolonisation of knowledge in the digital age’ launch of new open access journal Bridging Humanities 7 June 2018 (18.30-22.15 hrs), Impact Hub Amsterdam Central presentation: Babah Tarawally (moderator, writer, and journalist) Confirmed […]

Voice Academy

Amenons l’académie dans la rue / Bring the academy to the streets The arts need the input of the academic world and academia needs art to enable meaningful expressions. Arts and academy are inseparable. Voice Academy is a vehicle to give voice to people and especially to actors who are often […]

The voice of a Cameroonian lawyer

by Vera Bakker “You cannot carry out fundamental changes without a certain amount of madness.”                   Posted 4 August 2017 “THE FIGHT FOR JUSTICE. Many years ago, I took an oath before a panel of justices, a college of learned advocates and the general public to defend and safeguard the […]

Live Blog: CTD Conference in N’Djamena, October 2017

The end conference of the project ‘Connecting in Times of Duress’ took place in the Chadian capital N’Djaména, 25-28 October 2017. The conference presented and discussed the research findings of the project, which explored how the introduction of ICTs changes patterns of communication and information flows where people live in duress. […]

Digitalisation and the Field of African Studies

On 28 June this year, Mirjam de Bruijn, manager of Voice4thought, professor at Leiden University and ASCL senior researcher gave the Carl Schlettwein Lecture Digitalisation and the Field of African Studies in Basel during the 7th European Conference on African Studies ECAS 2017. Watch the full lecture below, or read on for a summary. Urbanisation […]

Festival V4T@Leiden 2017

Festival V4T@Leiden 2017 ‘Digital Radicalisation’: 23 – 29 September After last year’s successful edition, Voice4Thought is back with the third edition of its annual festival V4T@Leiden. The program brings together voices from the fields of arts, education, activism and the academic world on this year’s central theme, Digital Radicalisation. The programme […]

Voice4Thought welcomes the new online publication Bridging Humanities

The Voice4Thought Foundation, LeidenASA, and the Brill publisher are pleased to announce the launch of the new online publication Bridging Humanities. Bridging Humanities a peer-reviewed and academically recognised publication that aims to promote a methodology of knowledge production that integrates the use of digital sources in research. Bridging Humanities acknowledges the endless […]

Festival N’djam s’enflamme en slam, N’djamena 2016

by Vera Bakker In March 2016, the 3rd edition of the slam festival N’djam s’Enflamme en Slam took place in the heart of the city N’djamena in Chad. Founder and executive director Didier Lalaye (a.k.a. Croquemort) and his supporting team brought more than ten artists together from West and Central […]

Being young in times of duress in the Central African Republic

In this blog we, a team of researchers from Bangui (Central African Republic) and Leiden (The Netherlands) aim to give voice to young people’s experiences in present-day Central African Republic (CAR) and reflect publicly on the research we conduct to understand the position of young people in the Central African Republics tumultuous history. […]

V4T at the Bevrijdingsfestival Den Haag – 5th May 2016

On Friday, May 5 Voice4Thought was at the Bevrijdingsfestival Den Haag for the second year. We met new and old friends who inspired us with new topics for reflection and debate. Sapin Makengele, popular artist from the Democratic Republic of Congo, was with us with his drawings. During the day, […]

Focus on the recent events in Chad

We should know: #FreeNadjo #FreeSolloh, by Mirjam de Bruijn, 26 april 2017 Tchad : Iyina – Les jeunes sont fatigués, le régime réprime, by Deuhb Emmanuel Zyzou, 17 april 2017 Ugly contrasts in Chad, by Mirjam de Bruijn, 3 march 2017 Tchad : un nouveau mouvement citoyen déchaîne la chronique, by Deuhb Emmanuel […]

IUAES’ Statement on Cameroon

Faye V. Harrison, the President of IUAES (the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences) has sent a letter/statement to the Secretary-General of the UN António Guterres about the situation in Cameroon. In his letter, he officially asked the UN to take action ‘to work toward remedying the current predicament in Cameroon and […]

EHESS – Call for Art and Research Projects / 3 months Residency 2017

The invention of forms of representation in the age of globalisation Call for participation In order to stimulate this new space of dialogue, a call for participation is now open for a three months residency on the issue of The invention of forms of representation in the age of globalisation. […]

Demonstrations in Cameroon: Anglophones response to their marginalization

by Vera Bakker The situation in Bamenda, in the North West of Cameroon, and Buea, the South of Cameroon, has been tensed over the past weeks. It started with several demonstrations of lawyers and teachers, later on followed by students to let their voices be heard. They strive for the […]

Refu G-Tunes

On the 18th of November, come and enjoy this special event at the Hooglandse Kerk in Leiden! A concert evening for and with refugees, with the contributions of musicians and artists from the Netherlands and from various Middle Eastern and African countries. Additional to the concert there will be an exhibition. […]

The V4T Festival in pictures

No need of words for sharing the good moments of the V4T Festival – People in Motion. Have an overview of the most intense activities with the pictures by Sophie Theunissen, Loes Oudenhuijsen and Vera Bakker!  

The V4T Festival in the press

Echange culturel : Tchad/Hollande de Deuh’b Emmanuel Le Pays 24/9/2016 De Caen à Leiden from the blog of Adjim Danggar 28/09/2016

Opening of the V4T Festival – People in Motion: an inspiring get together!

Wednesday, September 21st. The second edition of the Voice4Thought Festival starts with a great opening at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden‎ in Leiden. The opening event was an appetising preview of the diverse activities that will animate this second edition. Dance, music and words introduced this year’s theme: People in Motion. From […]

Festival Programme

  Wednesday 21-9 Opening V4T Festival with dance performance and drinks (RMO, 15.00 –17.00) Thursday 22-9 Scholierenconferentie 2016 hosted by LeidenGlobal (RMO, 10.00 –17.00) Film screening ‘Stranded in Canton’ hosted by ASCL (Lumière Zaal, 19.00 – 22.30) Friday 23-9 Workshop ‘Voicing the Refugee Experience in Art, Literature and Cinema’ hosted by NICA […]


Here are the participants that will animate this year’s edition of the V4T Festival: People in motion. Click on the photos to read their biographies!