DIDIER, alias Mtato Did’s, was born September 14, 1990 in Sarh, Chad. A multi-talented artist, he made his first steps in the world of music as an active member of the choir of Sarh and at the Cathedral of Doba in 1998, where he learnt how to sing. Fascinated by music, he learnt to play many different instruments. He is a pianist, guitarist, bassist, and drummer. He is also an audio engineer and a music teacher.

As a singer, composer, musician and actor, he is a member of many groups: Bosco Musi, Stars Musi, X-Lom, and Chœur du Salut. Furthermore, he has accompanied several artists in many various scenes across Africa, including: Africa Mélodie, Laurent ca tourne, Cravate St Valson, Ombre Blanch (Burkina Faso), Croquemort (Chad), Mawndoé (Chad), Malika La Slameuse (Burkina Faso), Salif (Mali), Bokilo (Cameroon), Dynastie le Tigre (Cameroon), Charlotte Dipanda (Cameroon), Amee (Ivory Coast), Jerry Matchumbu (RDC), Amina (Ivory Coast), Micro Méga (RDC), Aziz Abdoul Koné (Mali), to name a few.

As a musician, he took part in this year’s 9th edition of Festival des Musiques Urbaines d’Anoumabo (FEMUA) in Abidjan. He is also participating in the first promotional film of the Ecole Nationale de Musique (Reou-Goss) directed by the famous Gabonese, Annie-Flore Batchiellilys.