From Amsterdam, Netherlands

Academic / professional background

I studied African Linguistics and African Studies at Leiden University. In 1997 I started the first online pan-African urban music platform called Africanhiphop.com, connecting artists and fans from Africa and the diaspora. Spinoff projects were later added to include documentaries, album releases, music videos and publications. I have worked as an editor, producer and researcher on a wide range of online and offline projects in Europe and Africa including This Is Africa, Baobabconnections, and Surprising Europe. I currently work as a webmaster and a music researcher, licensing and writing about African and diaspora vintage music for various record labels. I’m also a DJ, performing monthly at the Red Light Radio.

What does Voice4Thought mean to you?

Voice4Thought provides an opportunity for creative non-conformist talent to be heard and connect with like minded artists from different parts of the world by utilizing technological innovation. It’s also a chance for the academic world to open up their research to the communities they work with and to support artists, amplifying their socially conscious voices.

Contact: thomas@voice4thought.org