Get into the festival’s theme and its events!

Pictures of Music

Concerts Music in Motion Friday, September 23rd at Scheltema Saturday, September 24th at Scheltema in collaboration with Antilounge Sunday, […]

The V4T Festival in the press

Echange culturel : Tchad/Hollande de Deuh’b Emmanuel Le Pays 24/9/2016 De Caen à Leiden from the blog of Adjim […]

“Une expérience de vie…”

De Tahirou Hisseine Dagga Le rideau est tombé définitivement hier soir, sur la deuxième édition du Festival Voice 4 […]

Exposition In Movement

By Emma Cailleau. Original version in French below In a beautiful room in Scheltema paintings, audiovisual works, and photographs […]

Scholierenconferentie in Leiden

Successful conference organised by high school students in Leiden ++ Dutch below++ On September 22nd high school students […]

Didier, Chadian singer

DIDIER, alias Mtato Did’s, young and prodigious musician from Chad, is in Leiden taking part in the V4T […]

Yaya Sarria, Chadian dancer

Yaya Sarria is a contemporary dancer and choreographer from Chad, and the artistic director of the Dance Festival […]