Get into the festival’s theme and its events!

Ernst Jansz at the V4T Festival

Ernst Jansz and his band performed at the V4T Festival – People in Motion in the concert Music in Motion at Scheltema, on the 24th of September. Ernst Jansz composed a song especially for the Voice4Thought festival. This song immerses itself in the perspective of Willem Bosch, who was one […]

Joumana El Zein Khoury on the value of Difference

Joumana El Zein Khoury, the new director of the Prins Claus Fund, partner of the Voice4Thought Festival, was one of the guests of the opening event of this year’s edition. Joumana gave a special contribution to the opening by reflecting on the meaning of being in motion starting with her […]

The V4T Festival in pictures

No need of words for sharing the good moments of the V4T Festival – People in Motion. Have an overview of the most intense activities with the pictures by Sophie Theunissen, Loes Oudenhuijsen and Vera Bakker!  

Pictures of Music

Concerts Music in Motion Friday, September 23rd at Scheltema Saturday, September 24th at Scheltema in collaboration with Antilounge Sunday, September 25th at Kytopia (Utrecht)    

The V4T Festival in the press

Echange culturel : Tchad/Hollande de Deuh’b Emmanuel Le Pays 24/9/2016 De Caen à Leiden from the blog of Adjim Danggar 28/09/2016

De Caen à Leiden, by Adjim Danggar

The Voice4Thought Festival – People in Motion view by the cartoonist Adjim Danngar, who was a guest of the festival. Read his experience and interpretation of the festival in his blog! … Read more    

Echange culturel : Tchad/Hollande, in Le Pays

Echange culturel : Tchad/Hollande de Deuh’b Emmanuel, Le Pays 24 septembre 2016 Le 23 septembre 2016 s’est ouverte à Leiden aux Pays-Bas, la 2e édition du festival Voice for Thought (la voix de la pensée) (V4T) sous le thème : « The people in motion » (le peuple en mouvement). […]

“Une expérience de vie…”

De Tahirou Hisseine Dagga Le rideau est tombé définitivement hier soir, sur la deuxième édition du Festival Voice 4 thought, dans la mythique salle de Utrecht ( Kaytopia). Une salle qui, a vu passer, les grands de ce monde notamment Jimi Hendrix et bien d’autres encore, à qui ont emboîté le […]

Blogger workshop on Saturday 24th of September

On Saturday Voice4Thought hosted a blogger workshop. Slowly but surely people started to drop in – some a bit hungover from the concert from the day before – and around 11.30 we were all set to get started! We started with a quick introduction round. With us were: a LGBTQ […]

Exposition In Movement

By Emma Cailleau. Original version in French below In a beautiful room in Scheltema paintings, audiovisual works, and photographs approach the concept of movement, theme of the festival Voice 4 Thought 2016. The movement is most often conceived in its physical dimension, but it can also be an inner process, or […]

A new we ? Retours sur la table ronde sur les migrants, réfugiés, travailleurs

De Emma Cailleau La table ronde constitue l’un des temps forts de Voice 4 thought, l’occasion de débattre et de croiser les regards sur la thématique du festival cette année : les politiques d’immigration peuvent-elles contribuer à la créativité et au progrès des personnes migrantes, des personnes « in motion » ? En préambule, […]

Augustin Tabo, Adjim Danngar and Samy Daina, the pens of the V4T Festival

The V4T Festival this year is enriched by the contribution of the Chadian caricaturists Augustin Tabo, Adjim Danngar and Samy Daina. These artists and bloggers based in Paris were invited to share the work of their pens with the activities of the V4T Festival.   On Friday, Augustin Tabo, Adjim Danngar and Samy […]

Scholierenconferentie in Leiden

Successful conference organised by high school students in Leiden ++ Dutch below++ On September 22nd high school students from Visser ’t Hooft Lyceum and Bonaventure College organised a conference fort heir fellow scholars. About eighty students participated this day, which revolved around the theme ‘People in motion; prejudice or condemnation’. […]

Didier, Chadian singer

DIDIER, alias Mtato Did’s, young and prodigious musician from Chad, is in Leiden taking part in the V4T Festival with his original songs and accompanying his fellow musicians. Listen to the interview of Didier by Abel Maina from Yadari Info!      

The Thursday of Voice4thought: an artistically busy day!

From Abel Maina, Yadari Info ++Original in French below++ Lifting bang for the Cameroonian artist, the so-called General Valsero, famous for its letters to the Président. The artist got up early and spent the day in the studio of Radio Tonka in The Hague for the production and recording of a […]

Yaya Sarria, Chadian dancer

Yaya Sarria is a contemporary dancer and choreographer from Chad, and the artistic director of the Dance Festival Souar souar in N’djamena. He took part in the V4T Festival – People in Motion with an outstanding performance at the Opening of the Festival. In the subjective setting of the Rijksmuseum […]

Aziz Siten’k, the ambassador of slam in Mali

Aziz Siten’k is one of the most important and well known slam artists in Mali and is now in Leiden for taking part to the second edition of the V4T Festival.     “L’immigration clandestine c’est la réponse directe à toutes ces politiques qu’on nous a imposées, Cela se justifie […]

Amee, slammer from Ivory Coast

Bamba Aminata, a.k.a. Amee is now in Leiden for the V4T Festival. From Monday she is working with the other guests artists from V4T for preparing a common way to express their political messages in music. Listen to her talking about her story and her art in a conversation with […]

Opening of the V4T Festival – People in Motion: an inspiring get together!

Wednesday, September 21st. The second edition of the Voice4Thought Festival starts with a great opening at the Rijksmuseum van Oudheden‎ in Leiden. The opening event was an appetising preview of the diverse activities that will animate this second edition. Dance, music and words introduced this year’s theme: People in Motion. From […]