Mirjam and Hamid V4T


The V4T project derived from the Connecting in Times of DuressĀ research programme atĀ Leiden University, where a team of […]

Salma Khalil Alio


The Voices which the project portrays are engaged people, who are leading actors in – often for many […]

Everyone tries to change the World: exceptional biographies in the (new) information Age.


Everyone who tries to make a change walks a unique path. Using the biographical method, we seek to […]

Academic and artistic knowledge is always born in co-creation.


Academic and artistic knowledge is always born in co-creation

In-depth information on current situations with more nuanced and thoroughly researched stories.


Reporting and informing to counter tendencies of polarisation with words Since the start of the Connecting in Times […]


Knowledge Base

The researchers on the V4T project use biography as method. Where the visuals support the project to be […]