Bridging Humanities – Platform for Alternative Methodologies

Inspired by the potential of the V4T approach, we have decided to broaden our focus in order to experiment new possibilities for the biographical method and the combination of art and knowledge.

This is how Bridging Humanities – Platform for Alternative Methodologies (BH) was born. The aim of BH is to create a space for experimenting new methodologies of research and knowledge production that include photo, audio and video as primary sources of the process of knowledge production.

In this platform the biographical method is not only applied to people, but also to objects and institutions. The idea is that also these subjects can tell a story about their context. This is why this broader concept of biographies, enriched by visuals and other digital sources, is a veritable biography in context.

Bridging Humanities is now in the way to become a recognized publication. We are always interested in including new projects in the platform and in our archives and submissions by researchers are very  welcome.