With the e-Projects, Voice4Thought seeks to promote initiatives that will foster debate, knowledge production and sharing of information in order to bring about social change for people.

The e-Projects co-produce knowledge by experimenting with new Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), academic research methods, artistic creativity, and society at large by ‘experimenting’ with various methods to co-create new knowledge and ideas that will have an impact on living conditions of people.
In our actions, we highly value the potential of the electronic, and we seek to combine the “e-” brought by the new Information and Communication Technologies with social action, academic research methods and artistic creativity.
We try to find new ways to channel the potential of the digital in improving the chances for people to access knowledge and services and raise their chances of participation. With our diverse range of projects, from a m-health system for improving access to health in rural Chad using mobile technology, to a web series for encouraging debate on Dutch politics, we pride ourself in being open to using various disciplines and methodologies because we believe they open up endless possibilities for exchange of ideas and social change.

We are always looking for new collaborations. If you would like to join one of our projects or propose new ideas, please send an email with your proposal (including the estimated budget) to: amelie@voice4thought.