Zoe Kate Reddy is one of the participating artists in the exhibition ‘Radicalisation: a range of defiance’, in collaboration with Kunstroute Leiden, on 23 and 24 September 2017 during V4T@Leiden.

Zoe Reddy is an Irish born, Australian raised and Dutch based artist, musician, curator and educator. Zoe is a graduate of the Royal Art Academy of the Hague where she obtained a bachelors degree in 3D fine arts and a masters degree in artist research. Her curatorial practise focus on the themes of identity and technology. Zoe has worked for the past several years as curator by Kadmium art centre in Delft and as visual curator for Voice4Thought Leiden.

As an educator Zoe is involved with teaching visual and media arts and is educational coordinator for Rewire festival and Boekids festival. Together with Linda Ammerlaan, Zoe established READY! lab, a lab format workshop organization where children learn to work with new technologies to create artistic product and knowledge.

Her artistic mediums are video, photography, installation and performance. In her works she explores different questions surrounding the identity and cultural associations with different identity categories and constructs such as ‘the artist’. Her work also explores the impact of technology, particularly the internet, on the individual and the collective.

‘THAT’S RADICAL MAN: an ode to the radical’

Video loop 4 minutes


In this video the etymology of the word radical is explored through a series of visual and audible experiments carried out and documented by the artist. Where does this word come from and how has it been translated through time?