‘Le crime est d’être jeune!’ ‘Being young is our crime!’ On Friday 28 August 2015 the Voice4Thought festival presents a debate which explores the theme of the Voice4Thought project. Young leaders and inspirers from West and Central Africa and The Netherlands enter into a dialogue about the rise of youth protest in central Africa and the Western ‘export’ of human rights.



Not only young, courageous Africans are embraced by the West, authoritarian leaders are also supported. How genuine is the human rights agenda? How does the ‘next generation’ struggle for their causes, online and offline?


Participants include rapper Smockey, who was one of the leaders of the protests in Burkino Faso (2014), poetry slam artist Croquemort and political activist Maina Ibangolo Abel from Chad, human rights lawyer Pangmashi Yenkong from Cameroon and Isa Yusibov, a young political activist from The Netherlands. The V4T debate connects these young people from Europe and Africa. What do they share? How do they differ? What do they do to get their voices heard? Moderator is Sophie van Leeuwen, journalist at RNW Media.


Date: Friday 28 August

Debate: 15.00 – 17.00

Venue: Room 019, Lipsius building, Leiden

Free entrance