Concert hosted by Kytopia in Utrecht #letslisten #letsdance

Voice4Thought Festival meets Kytopia. Sounds of African (slam) artists mixed with words and sounds of hip-hop artists of Utrecht!

Musics mingles, like people in the seas of movement; Music makes us moving in (e)motions. The artists from Africa and Utrecht move towards each other, sounds and songs that are far from each other meet and make us, the spectators, move. Come and listen!

Artists: Valséro (rap, Cameroon), Croquemort (slam/poetry, Chad), Didier (singer/all round musician, Chad), Amee (singer/slam, Cote d’Ivoire), Niels Broos (keys, NL), DJ DNA (known from Urban Dance Squad, NL), MC Reazun (NL).

Kytopia, 20.30 – 23.00
entrance € 7,50