Antilounge is an initiative founded by Martijn Verlinden in 2003. It’s main purpose is to offer a record label & platform for new talented electronic artists from the Hague (and the areas surrounding it).

In Antilounge’s view, there are so many talented people in the Hague producing their own music, but since the underground music market is not that big and interesting commercial wise, they rarely get a record deal. That’s why Antilounge offers a recordlabel and platform featuring these new talents, giving them the audience and attention they deserve.

The releases are accompanied by release concerts where the artists have the chance to showcase themselves live. After that, they often get booked for venues all over the country and abroad.

The Hague has been known to offer progressive electronic music for decades. Genres such as electro, dubstep, jungle, industrial, tekno, grime, breakcore, worldcore, IDM, noise drones and terrorsalsa: they’re all represented on the Antilounge albums.