Voice4Thought is an artistic-academic project that strives for alternative forms of knowledge production. V4T reflects on world issues with and by interesting voices from all over the world. How do people live as active members of their society? How do they take the position and mark new paths in their contexts? By answering these questions, we will explore stories of people whose experiences have become drivers for positive change. These are stories of single individuals, but powerful enough to talk about a collective experience. This is why they are “Voices”. The project is made up by all of these stories and presents Voices (V) which entice you to Thing (T), Voice4Thought.

The project derived from the Connecting in Times of Duress (CTD) research programme at Leiden University, where a team of researchers in Central and West Africa tried to understand how New Information and Communication Technology changed and changes people in situations of war, economic crisis and repression. We met so many people who are fighting for freedom: through art, advocacy, social work, journalism… The belief that their voice should get a place in the worldwide debate was the starting point of V4T, that is now an independent foundation and a platform for research and knowledge production. V4T doesn’t limit itself to people in Africa but stretches to voices all over the world.

There is so much to be said when academia and art come together. This is why once a year we discuss these issues and experiment in the V4T Festival. The Festival is an inclusive and interactive space where the sense of V4T comes true in its most visible form with music, expositions, debates, workshops and much more.

The project is on its way to becoming a recognized online publication whose aim is to elaborate alternative forms of research and knowledge production. Read more on this platform for research on alternative methodologies and how to collaborate!

V4T introduction op Vimeo uit het Connecting in Times of Duress project.