How to use this website

In the Voices section you will find all the content related with the V4T mission. This section includes very diverse sources that reflect the inclusivity of the V4T strategy.

  • In the biographies page you will find all our biographical projects. The biographies of the Voices are the basic elements over which this sections is developed.
  • To introduce the Voices and highlight the themes that emerge from their experiences, we use the Pamphlets. The pamphlets feature the different voices in a combination of photography and  text in a short film.
  • In the co-creators page you will find the authors of our projects and researchers, artists, journalists, writers and others that contributed in developing the V4T project with their work.
  • In the blogs section, you will find links to bloggers that collaborate with V4T.


Bridging Humanities – Platform for Alternative Methodologies is an online publication that includes the content related with research and knowledge by the projects developed within V4T.
By clicking on each project, you will open a specific project-section. Each of them is organized as an independent product, which is developed in levels. A first level includes an overview of the story and the themes that raise from it. Each of these themes will are further developed in a second level. In a third level, you will find the reference list and the archive of original sources that were used in the project. A general V4T archive of all the projects is available in the Archive in context. This includes reference lists on specific issues that are addressed in the projects.


… Also, find our past events in the Events area and read about the Voice4Thought Festival in the Festival section!