Voice4Thought festival 2016: ‘People in Motion’

After last year’s successful edition Voice4Thought is back with its second annual festival. This year’s theme is: ‘People in Motion’. On September 21-25, 2016, the festival will be held on diverse locations in Leiden. Artists, scientists and journalists will collaborate and share their contribution through music, film, modern dance, visual arts, workshops, panel discussions and debates.

Artists, scientists, journalists and activists from different backgrounds will come together during the festival. They are all ‘people in motion’: refugee, migrant or traveller. Together they create a voice which explains what it means to be ‘in motion’ in our current times. Scheltema, Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (RMO), Lumière Hall in the Nieuwe Energie and the Lipsius builing of the University of Leiden will be the decor of the festival. The audience, both young and old, can submerge themselves in the world of V4T by joining the academic discussion or the movie-night organised by the African Studies Centre Leiden. They can also enjoy modern dance and concerts with diverse (inter)national artists in co-production with the record label Antilounge from The Hague. Furthermore there is an art exposition which is part of the Kunstroute Leiden, which will give the visitor a unique view on the theme of the festival. Next to that there a workshop for high school students will be held in Leiden in collaboration with Leiden Global, and a blog workshop will be hosted. These blogs together will shape a story about and with ‘people in motion’ and will be published on the V4T website.

People in Motion
In Europe, many of the new migrants’ liberties are clipped and they have to abide by the political choices which are made about their lives. Choices made by others, without getting the chance to protest against them.  In the Netherlands and other European countries, many migrants live in a kind of in-between ‘state’ in which they can’t express themselves and where the joie de vivre is slowly being extinguished. V4T strives to give these people a voice and start a dialogue, in particular to give a reflection upon migration and mobility in this day and age. Our hope is that people will think critically about the current issues and problems around migration and about the situation of migrants and other ‘people in movement’.

V4T is an artistic – academic project with inspiring voices from all over the world. Voices that give us a different view on our world. Their stories are of crisis and misery, but of power and change!