Voice4Thought launces new website

Voice4Thought (V4T) launches its new website today. The newly organized website contains the project’s idea and ideology: to produce an alternative dialogue, research and public sharing through art and knowledge.

The ‘voices’ are central to the project and to the website. These inspiring voices come from all over the world and from different areas of society including politics, government, art, music, religion, academia and journalism. Each Voice and Thought is represented to the wider audience through a biography, flyer, blog and at the annual V4T festival. Through these channels, the voices co-create with one another and collaborate with researchers to produce new scientific knowledge that is then shared with the general public. V4T hopes to ignite discussions and debates, as well as deeper reflection via information sharing on various issues pertaining to our world.

A blog, as an alternative source of information against the thrust of events such as polarisation, is an important tool in sharing knowledge and opinions nowadays. Bloggers have a space to share information on our website. They are journalists and academics writing detailed and nuanced information on hidden social and political processes on issues related to war and crisis.