Moltong Lagardy aka Stanley

Stanley, from N’Djamena, Chad.

How would describe yourself as a person?
I’m an Anti-conformist and Critical Thinker from Chad, central Africa. I’m bilingual (English-French)… and speak many other Chadian languages too! I like reading, writing, sports, music and discovering new horizons. I’m also passionate by human rights and community peacebuilding issues. I grew up between Chad-Cameroon and Nigeria.

What does Voice4Thought mean to you?
To me Voice4Thought is a Platform that gives give expression opportunity to people who are enduring any kind of oppression regarding: social, political, cultural or confessional questions. Voice4Thought is the ideal way to care about marginalized people concerns and give them a chance to speak out for themselves.

What does People in Motion mean to you?
I agree to the most common definition for “People in Motion” that refers to refugees or migrants around the world. But I think that “People in Motion” relates also to people who are somehow forced to move out from their original social, cultural, confessional or political contexts and who are struggling to figure out their identities too.