Mission and vision

Voice4Thought: dialogue and knowledge to #thinkcritically

Voice4Thought is a non-profit Foundation that offers a platform where different voices of the world can participate in building an inclusive debate and critical knowledge on issues concerning our time, such as democracy, activism, radicalisation, to name a few. V4T seeks to promote participation as a response to the tendencies of polarisation that make expression difficult.

We engage with people from diverse geographical and cultural backgrounds who are the actors in on-going and often unseen social and political change within their fields and countries of origin. We provide a platform to let these people tell their stories through academic, artistic and journalistic expressions in order to facilitate and stimulate deeper reflection on socio-political issues.

We seek to bring academia to the streets and the streets to academia: we believe in knowledge as the result of a co-creative process, and work to enable dialogue between academia and civil society in and outside of Europe.

New Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) are drivers of change that can facilitate the sharing of information and the empowering of individuals. The ICTs that are at our disposal today are central to our approach: they do not only change the ways we communicate and how we gather information, but the very ways in which we can  connect and think in connections! The technology of ICTs have the ability to change the infrastructures of our activities and make us think and relate in new ways.

The power of diverse Voices (V) and ways of Thinking (T) helps us to rethink our world with a critical global perspective. This is why we focus on setting up new and innovative ways of creating knowledge and disseminating food for thought!