ANBI status


Our Foundation Voice4Thought has asked the ANBI status at the Dutch Tax Department
The RSIN-fiscal-number of the Foundation V4T is 856321382.



Mirjam de Bruijn (Chair)

Didier Lalaye (Secretary)

Mags Peterken (Treasurer)


Board of advisors

Balt Leenman

Kitty Zijlmans

Freek Stoopendaal

Andrew Makkinga

Ton Dietz


Remuneration Policy

The Foundation V4T does not remunerate board members.



Foundation V4T
Valkstraat 31 bis
3514 TH Utrecht
The Netherlands

+31 6 33992807


Account number

NL04 RABO 0309995590 at the attention of Stichting V4T


Goal and Mission

Our foundation aims to:

  1. promote the global welfare and democratic order by entering into a nuanced dialogue on polarization;
  2. promote intercultural collaborations between artists and scientists and combining both critical expressions to achieve an innovative way of accessible knowledge production;
  3. perform all further actions with the above in mind which may be related to or conducive in the broadest sense .


Our aim does not include making payments to the founder or the board.

V4T aims to serve only the interest of the general public and does not seek to make a profit.

The foundation seeks to achieve its objective, inter alia by setting up and maintaining a (Web) platform to share knowledge and experiences in relation to a public dialogue about polarization.

In addition, the foundation will perform the following activities: initiate, organize, facilitate and produce in the fields of research, journalism, media, music and contemporary art forms.



You can find our annual report and policy plan (2014 – 2016) here [PDF, language: Dutch].

For the year 2017, you can download the financial report here [PDF, Dutch]. The narrative report 2017 will be added sooon.