In this section, we encourage writers, bloggers, activists and artists to broaden their audience and outreach of their own blogs and websites. The e-Blogging platform offers a free and open space where people can express and share stories, opinions and events that need to be heard. We strongly believe that each story should be heard, especially when they come from marginalised or repressed voices that can help us think critically from each corner of the world.

The e-Blogging is the online database of our increasing worldwide network of bloggers. But, in real-life, we also host blogging workshops that can help bloggers reach a broader audience, increase their outreach and empower them by bringing them together. Our network is about solidarity, empowerment and learning from each other.

Want to be part of the network and/or join a workshop? Write an email to Fiona: fiona@voice4thought.org

DISCLAIMER Blogging platform – Voice4Thought

This platform is meant for the expression of bloggers, artists and other individuals and collectives that want to share and spread their voices. They all have their own story to tell and we help them spread it, and it is not up to us to decide what is right or wrong. Voice4Thought, therefore, does not take any responsibility for the content on people’s own blogs. However, all content that is directly posted on or by consent of Voice4Thought – on this platform and on other social media – will be edited and checked by Voice4Thought.